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Integrate your Data

Data exchange between SmartPOS with your existing software .

  • Data exchange through APIs
  • File based integration
  • WordPress Plugins

How APIs works?

APIs facilitate communication and data exchange between different software applications, enabling seamless integration and efficient operations.

  • Facilitate seamless data exchange between integrated applications.
  • Enable real-time synchronization for up-to-date data across systems.
  • Ensure secure access and authentication for protected data integration.
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File Based Integration

A scheduler can be set up to automatically export/import master data, sales data, etc., in CSV or other formats. These exported files can then be uploaded to the provided sFTP. This process allows third parties to import data from SmartPOS into their database and vice versa.

  • Scheduler data export/import
  • Synchronize file from sFTP
  • Inject data from file into SmartPOS system
  • Export data into CSV format

WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce is a plugin specifically designed for use with WordPress, the popular content management system. It seamlessly integrates with WordPress websites, allowing users to add robust eCommerce functionality to their sites.

  • Consolidated sales management and tracking
  • Real-time inventory synchronization for accurate stock control
  • Centralized reporting and analytics for comprehensive business insights