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DNS Service

A DNS (Domain Name System) service is allows users to associate a dynamic IP address with a domain name. It enables individuals and organizations to host services, websites, or other resources on their devices connected to the internet, even if their IP address changes frequently.

If you want to host a website or a web service from your home or office network, DNS service can be useful. It ensures that your website remains accessible even if your IP address changes.


How it works


Dynamic IP Address

When your internet connection has a dynamic IP address, it means the IP address assigned to your device can change periodically.

Domain Name

Instead of accessing your services or devices using the changing IP address, you can associate a domain name with your dynamic IP address.

DNS Service Setup

Sign up for a DNS service to create an account. The domanin name will provide to set up the service.

DNS Client

Install a DNS client software to communicate with the DNS service. This client will periodically check your current IP address and inform the DNS service of any changes.

IP Address Updates

Whenever your IP address changes, the DNS client automatically updates the IP address associated with your domain name in the DNS service's database.

Accessing Devices

Now, you can access your hosted services or devices remotely by using the domain name instead of the changing IP address.