Custom Membership Solutions for Businesses.

Empowering businesses across various industries to establish robust membership programs.

Unlock the potential of your business with our expertise in building membership programs for merchants across different industries. We work closely with each client to design and implement a program that drives customer loyalty and business growth.

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Exploring membership program that fit your business requirements through thoughtful discussions.

Discover customize membership programs for your business needs through in-depth discussions. Our experts analyze your processes, customer interactions, and goals to recommend the most suitable strategies and tools. With personalized attention and a comprehensive approach, we empower your operations and drive customer satisfaction with effective membership solutions.

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Build, Engage & grow Loyalty.

Point, Vouchers, Stamps & Discounts rewarded to members seamless and conveniently.
Stay connected with customers by Apps notification, SMS, Telegram, Email or trigger blast by GPS location.
Use the preset tools to create your referral campaigns and start driving sales.
Track customer interactions, seize upselling opportunities. Maximize revenue with data-driven insights.

Multiple Reward Choice

Instantly reward and redeem membership points in real-time with effortlessly management.
Securely collect and manage membership credits in advance cashless transactions. Streamline your membership experience with peace of mind.
Efficiently manage virtual promotion stamps without physical cards. Simplify promotions with a digital solution for seamless tracking.
Effortlessly distribute a vast quantity of vouchers with ease and speed within your control. Simplify voucher distribution process, ensuring efficient and convenient management.

Referral & Referee Program

Customize your referral campaigns with ease, set your own rules and define rewards effortlessly.
Member get member is the great way to secure more loyalty customers to your brand.
Easily automate and offer a wide range of add-on rewards to your customers.
Easily automate and offer a wide range of add-on rewards to your customers.

Member Management

Apps Notification

Instant updates through push notification on our app.


Email & Newsletter System

Captivating content and updates delivered to inboxes.




SMS Messaging

Engaged with timely updates via efficient SMS messaging.

Apps Wallet

Brand wallet transformed into seamless contactless payment app.


Survey & Reward System

Gather valuable data through survey rewards, incentivizing member reviews.



Campaign System

Offer as many add-on rewards as you like through automation ways.

Member Data Analysis


Over 1200+ outlet registered